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Garau writes in Kentucky’s Lexington Herald-Leader that she felt “uncomfortable, undesirable, and embarrassed.” Of course, you can see Garau above, and your first reaction is probably well, if I looked like her I wouldn’t need makeup either. We’re so inspired by Garau’s project that the Yahoo Beauty team’s pledged to go without makeup for one week, starting Monday.


These flowers…I’m about to say a lot about these flowers.
The last couple of weeks have been pretty damn stressful and the other day I got a call…it was not good news (just keep me in your prayers please). Anyway, today, after having gone home sick from a severe migraine, I come back to find these gorgeous flowers on my desk at work. They’re from my boss, my amazing, understanding, wonderful (if frustrating, as all bosses are at times) boss. They made me cry as I realized, I have an incredible lot of people around me who care and love and support me. I have been so blessed with people a support team so amazing and wonderful that I simply couldn’t contain myself as I saw and smelled these beautiful flowers. I can’t begin to list all the people and thank them or God for their place and time in my life. Y’all are all so amazing and such a blessing to me. Thank you, thank you for giving me love and support and compassion and grace and mercy and lessons and so many other things I’m not sure I really deserve. Y’all are awesome and I love you!

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